You only need 2 kitchen ingredients, here’s a trick for tired eyes to get rid of dark circles – Everyone must have experienced tired eyes, this complaint often causes discomfort and can interfere with daily activities. Generally, tired eyes are not a serious problem and can go away on their own after you get enough rest. Tired eyes are interpreted as eye disorders caused by using the eyes for a long time without getting rest.

The cause of this condition can be staring at the screen for too long, lack of sleep, driving for a long time, reading too long, or waking up in a room that is too dim or bright. Besides being able to interfere with health, tired eyes are also one of the triggers for the appearance of panda eyes or dark circles in the eyes.

Dark circles under the eyes are actually harmless, but quite annoying. Because the presence of panda eyes often makes a person feel unrefreshed and look very tired. Luckily, tired eyes are very easy to fix. You can use skincare products that are formulated to treat panda eyes or try various ways to deal with tired eyes naturally.

One of them was shared by a TikTok user @minimallymay_ on (2/3). In the video, the account owner shares tricks to overcome tired eyes so that they are free from dark circles using 2 kitchen ingredients. The kitchen ingredients used are coffee powder and honey.

“Recipe for homemade coffee eye mask!

Apart from being a beverage ingredient, coffee grounds do have various benefits. One of them can be a natural ingredient for body care. Of the many benefits, coffee is one effective way to get rid of tired eyes and dark circles on the eyes. The caffeine content in coffee can help dilate blood vessels causing stubborn dark circles under the eyes.

Tricks to overcome tired eyes using 2 kitchen ingredients Various sources

Tricks to overcome tired eyes using 2 kitchen ingredients

This can disguise dark circles in the eye area, because narrowing of blood vessels is one of the causes of panda eyes. While honey has the ability to regenerate the skin so that when applied to eye bags, the skin in the area will become bright again. This is thanks to the polyphenol content which inhibits tyrosinase activity. This can help reduce excessive pigmentation and fade dark circles.

From these two ingredients, you can use it as an eye mask to soothe tired eyes and overcome dark circles on the eyes. Here’s how to make one.

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