13 Funny chat girlfriend caught cheating, dad’s response was unexpected

Brilio.net – The plot of a romantic relationship is difficult to predict. It seems that it is more difficult to maintain a love relationship that has been built than to start it by simply expressing feelings of love. Especially when you start to realize that between you and your boyfriend are starting to get disconnected in communication.

If so, maybe you can only surrender and wait for this relationship to end. Moreover, if it has been revealed that one of you is having an affair or cheating. Surely the problem will get worse.

Have you ever received a chat from your boyfriend and accused you of cheating? if yes, what is the response? Is it unexpected, like the following series of funny chats?

Compiled by brilio.net from various sources on Monday (13/3), here are 13 portraits.

1. An answer that is blunt and makes me weak.

Funny chat girlfriend caught cheating Various sources

photo: Twitter/@txtdariwhatsap


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