Thanks to Integration with AI ChatGPT, Bing’s Popularity Soared


Microsoft is celebrating a milestone for Bing, the search engine that has always seemed to be in the shadow of Google, announcing Bing’s daily active users topped 100 million. Photos/Microsoft

WASHINGTON – Microsoft is celebrating a milestone for Bing, the search engine that always seems to be in the shadow of Google. This week Microsoft announced that Bing’s daily active users have exceeded the 100 million mark.

This result was reached about a month after the launch of the new Bing preview, which integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology into the service. The preview is available on iOS and Android desktop and mobile via the mobile app.

This feature allows users to send a series of questions in the form of a chat. The new Bing and Edge previews are open to the public, which makes it very hard to ignore for those who are already Edge loyal.

The browser is also enhanced with new Bing AI capabilities in the Edge sidebar, which provides quick access to chat services and new creation tools. As a result, last week Bing recorded daily users reaching more than 100 million.

“We are pleased to share that after several years of steady progress. With a few additions the new Bing preview users have exceeded 100 million Daily Active Users,” said Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president and head of consumer marketing for Microsoft in a blog post quoted by SINDOnews from the androidcentral page, Saturday (11/3/2023).

Mehdi said, of the more than one million users who signed up for the new Bing preview, a third were new users on the search engine. This means Microsoft is reaching people who may not have considered using Bing before.

It’s a good sign that more people are starting to get interested in switching to Bing. The recent boom in users, however, still makes Mehdi aware that Microsoft is still far behind 1 billion daily active users on Google Search.

“These are staggering numbers, but we are fully aware that we remain a small, low-key player with single-digit share. Nonetheless, it was great to be at the dance!” Mehdi said.

Thanks to Integration with AI ChatGPT, Bing's Popularity Soared

Of course, things with the new Bing preview haven’t been perfect, and users have demonstrated their ability to “crush” AI chatbots. However, the company has since restricted the chat and has since started bringing it up again.

Microsoft even included a character toggle to improve responsiveness. Of course, it’s only been a month, and Bing’s new AI chatbot is still in preview for now, meaning there could be some oddities as Microsoft gets feedback from its new user pool.

However, Mehdi said his team is “excited” to continue improving the experience. Of course, the enthusiasm to continue to add experience and technology updates can make Bing opportunities increasingly attractive to users.


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