What is Kaizen: The Principle of the Japanese One Minute Routine

Suara Denpasar – Laziness often makes us postpone work that is really important. In fact, the habit of procrastinating is not a good thing to do. Reporting from the Satu Percent Youtube Channel on Thursday (9/3/2023), laziness and the habit of procrastinating can be overcome with the Kaizen principle.

Kaizen is a principle that has been entrenched in Japan. Kaizen itself is often referred to as the one minute principle because it focuses on training someone to build the same routine for one minute at the same time.

This one minute routine can train us to be more responsible. This one-minute habit will make us feel better, and can even cause addiction because of the inner satisfaction when we succeed in doing this routine.

A psychologist from Germany, Herman Ebbinghaus, has conducted research on human memory abilities. When we do repetition, the information stored will be more long-term. This long term memory is very possible to build with Kaizen.

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According to the One Percent Youtube Channel, changes in life can be achieved slowly and with wisdom, one of which is by implementing this one minute routine.

How? Interested in trying this Japanese one-minute principle? (*/Dinda)


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