Weird Bank Robber, Only Takes IDR 15,000 and Asks to be Thrown in Jail


This guy who is a bank robber in the US is really weird. He only asked for USD1 from a bank employee and asked the employee to call the police to send him to jail. Photo/REUTERS

SALT LAKE CITY – This bank robber man in the United States (US) is really strange. He went to the bank asking only USD1 (Rp 15,000) from the bank employee and refused to leave until the police came and put him in jail.

This incident occurred at a branch of Wells Fargo Bank in Salt Lake City in Utah this past Monday morning.

The male robber was identified as Donald Santacroce (65).

Quoting a report by NBC News, Thursday (9/3/2023), Santacroce suddenly entered a branch office of Wells Fargo Bank in Salt Lake City and handed over a piece of paper with a note on it stating that his action was a bank robbery.

He then asked the bank employees to forgive him.

“Please forgive me for doing this but this is a robbery. Please give me $1. Thank you,” Santacroce said, a witness told NBC News.

The bank employees complied with his lead and after his “robbery” was successful, they asked Santacroce to leave.

However, to their surprise, the 65-year-old man asked bank employees to contact the police and he even waited patiently for the police in the bank’s lobby.

“Donald made a statement to the victims that they were lucky he didn’t have a gun because it took so long for the police to get there,” read a statement the police issued after arresting Santacroce.

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