UFC Fight Night Schedule: Hot Before the Fight, Dvalishvili Calls Petr Yan Songong

LINIMASA – This week’s UFC Fight Night will present the main fight between Petr Yan versus Merab Dvalishvili at bantamweight. The two will clash on Sunday morning (12/3/2023).

Dvalishvili admitted that he did not respect Yan, because he accused the former UFC bantamweight champion of being very arrogant outside the octagon.

In fact, Dvalishvili said that he was in conflict with Yan for several fundamental reasons. The fighter from Georgia said that the root of the problem stems from many things.

“I have many reasons (in conflict with Yan),” said Dvalishvili in a press conference ahead of the fight, Thursday (9/3/2023), according to MMA Junkie.

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“Firstly, this fight is not just a rivalry within the octagon. This is personal for me,” he added.

The 32-year-old fighter touched on the political issues currently plaguing Russia and Ukraine.

Dvalishvili said Russia had acted arbitrarily against Ukraine as well as Georgia, which is its home country.

“He (Yan) is from Russia, I am from Georgia. We all know Russia what they did to Ukraine now, what they did to Georgia,” he said.

Russia, he said, was not a democratic country which had invaded Ukraine.

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Dvalishvili defended his country which was once part of the Soviet Union. Georgia is bordered by Russia to the north.

“Russia is not a democratic country (politically). I know I want to win for my people,” he said.

“I got a lot of support from my country and so much support from Ukraine too,” Dvalishvili added.

Nonetheless, Dvalishvili acknowledged Yan’s prowess within the octagon. going down, Yan was a great fighter and had no notable flaws.

As for fist fights, Yan is one of the greatest strikers in the UFC. Yan was renowned for the merciless brutality of his fists. He also holds the title of No Mercy.

“I think he’s a great fighter, a good family man, but he’s not a humble man. He’s not a great human being,” he said.

Meanwhile, Yan responded to Dvalishvili’s ramblings as an attempt to sell his fight to sound louder.

“I think he has no other way to draw attention to himself,” Yan insisted.

Dvalishvili is a UFC bantamweight with a record record of 15 wins, with the majority of wins coming to the man from Georgia through the judges’ assessment of 11 times.

Dvalishvili has only recorded four defeats in his MMA career. His three defeats were once by submission and three times by judges’ assessment.

Meanwhile, Petr Yan has recorded a glittering record in the MMA event. He has won 16 times, with details of seven TKOs, one submission, and eight times via the jury’s assessment.

Yan only lost four times, three of which were controversial results in which many felt that Yan should not have suffered the defeat.

For Indonesian MMA fans, this weekend’s UFC Fight Night schedule will be broadcast live streaming via Mola TV on Sunday morning, starting at 06.00 WIB.


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