Turning street stalls into luxury restaurants, Raffi Ahmad scares netizens

SuaraSoreang.id – Actor and entrepreneur, Raffi Ahmad, took the initiative to help MSMEs in Indonesia.

One form of support is by contributing to turning a street food stall into a better restaurant.

Through uploads on his Instagram on Thursday (9/3/2023), Raffi Ahmad shows the design of the restaurant building that will be changed.

Raffi Ahmad hopes that the warung he has converted into a restaurant will become a hit spot in Jakarta.

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Even though it looks luxurious, Raffi Ahmad said that the street concept will not disappear.

He wants to maintain the origins of the shop, but with a more professional concept so that there will be more branches.

The upload was flooded with comments from netizens. Some are afraid that the price to eat at that place will be expensive.

“Sorry, it’s too luxurious, people will be afraid to go in to buy it. Unless the market is middle and high,” commented @bt ***

“The concept is too luxurious. People who want to buy are hesitant to be afraid of being expensive, even though it’s just a normal street concept,” wrote @yo ***

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As netizens made it clear, the design concept that was shared was indeed for a restaurant.

“Those who comment don’t seem to have read the caption, it’s clear that the concept for K5 will still be there with other branches, if the one in the photo is the sultan looking for a market for the sultans,” wrote @4j ***

Previously, Raffi Ahmad had become an investor for a street food stall located in the Kalibata area, Jakarta.

The named stall offers a very popular menu of chicken and duck.

In uploading on his Instagram page, Raffi Ahmad expressed his joy because of the booming and enthusiastic visitors waiting for the shop to open.

Raffi Ahmad plans to turn it into a bigger restaurant that can accommodate many visitors.

He hopes this restaurant can be more professional and provide a better dining experience for its visitors. (*/Mella Azizah)

News source : Instagram @raffinagita1717


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