Tips to Stay Long-lasting and Harmonious in Relationships for Long-Distance Warriors, aka LDR

Long distance relationships have the potential to be tiring and challenging. Especially if the time is also different, it’s really very sad to feel. It is not surprising that LDR relationships often run aground in the middle of the road, due to various problems.

But, it’s not impossible, you know Beauties, LDR relationships are actually very durable and continue to a more serious level. How do you maintain a long-term relationship during LDR? See below.

1. Maintain Intense Communication

Cartoon illustration of a couple on the phone and LDR
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The way to keep a relationship long-lasting is with intense communication, especially when experiencing LDR. Beauties can tell and listen about today’s events, feelings that are being felt, or talk about topics that are currently hot.

Quoting from Lasting, suggest staying open with each other and discussing how to communicate, and how long each day is. Then, the media to be used, such as by video call, telephone, or just sending messages.

Because, during LDR especially if your partner lives in a place that has a different time, it will be very difficult to set the same hours of communication. Also keep in mind, Beauties during LDR have to understand if their partner’s schedule is busy and ends up exhausted, so they can’t notify Beauties.

2. Plan Fun Gatherings

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When you are in the LDR period, of course meeting for a date together, is something you look forward to. Of course, there are many things that you want to convey directly, there are also many places that you want to visit together and other fun things.

Quoted from Brides, by planning the meeting date, place, and activities to be carried out, it can give Beauties the courage to survive in difficult times. Therefore always plan a fun meeting and schedule it at least once per month.

3. Focus on your life

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Being away from the boyfriend who usually accompanies Beauties everywhere, can make you feel lonely and bored. Therefore, to avoid loneliness, Beauties can focus on your life.

Quoted from Practical Intimacy, this LDR can be an opportunity for beauties and partners to get to know themselves deeper and become better people. So, when the time to be together again has come, the two of you can build a better relationship with each other and really complement each other.

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