The Story of a Traumatized Mother Pregnant with Twins 3 to 2 Months Must Be Hospitalized, What Causes It? –

Being pregnant with twins can be an unforgettable experience for a mother. This is also experienced by the owner of the TikTok account @keluargamiracles, who is pregnant with triplets.

However, the experience he experienced had to end in trauma. This is because he had to undergo medical action when he was not yet six months pregnant.

Medical action is taken so that the twin fetuses are not born prematurely. At that time, the age of the mother’s womb was indeed not enough months to give birth.



“Haven’t reached 6 months of pregnancy, I already have to operate on SERVIX IKAT so that the triplets won’t be born first,” he wrote on TikTok. HaiBunda has received permission to quote uploads.

Treated for 2 months

During pregnancy, this mother also has to undergo medical treatment at the hospital. For almost two months, he was treated and required bed rest.

The struggle to give birth to triplets was not easy for her. During his treatment at the hospital, he was only allowed to do activities from bed.

“Almost 2 months of hospitalization and bed rest TOTAL all activities in bed, not getting out of bed at all,” he said.

“Still traumatized by being pregnant. Use pampers, wash your hair in bed too,” she wrote.

Having a triplets pregnancy like what this Mother experienced, can indeed be different from being pregnant with one child. Pregnant with triplets or triplets is more risky than pregnant with one child, Mother.

Reported by the Cleveland Clinic, triplets can occur when the mother produces and releases three eggs during ovulation and the three cells are fertilized by sperm. Pregnancy can also occur when one fertilized egg splits into three.

The triplets may be identical, fraternal, or mixed.

Pregnancy with triplets can increase the risk of complications. What are the risks and what is cervical clamping that is generally undertaken when pregnant with twins?

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