Stepping over Al Ghazali and El Rumi, Dul Jaelani reveals marriage readiness: as soon as possible – Maia Estianty’s sons, Al Ghazali, El Rumi, and Dul Jaelani attended the mother’s family wedding some time ago.

The presence of Maia Estianty’s three sons at the wedding raised questions for Al, El and Dul to follow their siblings.

El Rumi, as the fifth grandson in his mother’s extended family, admitted that he was not pressured by questions about his match and marriage.

This was conveyed by El in a video on Maia ALELDUL TV’s YouTube channel last Wednesday (8/3/2023).

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El said that he still did not know when he would be able to present his future wife in the midst of his extended family.

“Haha I don’t know, I think Dul used to be,” said El when asked by his family about marriage.

El even admits that he is not worried about the question of matchmaking and marriage.

That’s because there are Al and other siblings who will be under pressure to get married first.

“I’m the fifth grandson, so I’m still safe, I still don’t need to be afraid of being really left behind, because there’s still Al and him (El’s brother),” said El.

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El also mentioned that there would be a possibility for Dul to get married before him.

“I don’t think Dul will step over the three of us (Al, El and his brother),” said El.

El Rumi’s statement was not denied by Dul, he even agreed to what his older brother said.

“God willing, God willing soon,” said Dul Jaelani.


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