Saudi Arabian Ulama Afraid of Detention Due to Criticism of Rulers, Now Fleeing to Safe Countries


Saudi Arabia’s leading cleric Emad Al-Moubayed. Photo/twitter/mee

RIYADH – Saudi Arabia’s prominent cleric Emad Al-Moubayed fears being arrested after criticizing the government’s radical reforms in the entertainment sector.

Apparently he has left the Saudi Kingdom to live in a “peaceful” country.

Emad Al-Moubayed is a preacher and former imam at the King Abdulaziz Mosque in Dammam.

He posted a video on his unverified Twitter account last week, in which he warned against the drastic social reforms in Saudi Arabia imposed over the past few years.

Addressing his “advice to the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, his trustworthy Crown Prince (Mohammed bin Salman), and Adviser Turki Al-Sheikh (head of the Entertainment Authority)”, he called on authorities to “fear God” in implementing social changes namely “abolishing the creed Islam, and replace Islamic identity with another identity.

However, the following day, Al-Moubayed posted a new video in which he clarifies his comments, while reading from a piece of paper on the table in front of him.

He appears to be explaining his criticism in a scene that some speculate he was forced to read in custody.

“Some people may misunderstand what I mentioned in my previous words and clips… I want to clarify and affirm that our country, its leadership and its people are enjoying prosperity, security and safety and extraordinary development,” he said. he was then.

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