Racehorse Owned by Chechen Leader Stolen in European Union, Kadyrov is Angry and Sad


The horse named Zazou (left) belongs to Chechen Leader Ramzan Kadyrov (right). Photo/praguemorning.cz

CHECHNYA – The leader of the Chechen Republic of Russia Ramzan Kadyrov suspects fraud in the alleged theft of his racehorse from a stable near the Czech capital, Prague.

Czech media reported on Tuesday that a horse named Zazou, which is believed to belong to Kadyrov, had “disappeared without a trace” from a stable in the village of Krabcice last week.

Local police are reportedly seeking information about the racehorse. Authorities were quoted as saying the chain securing the cage door was removed and Zazou was taken away, presumably at night.

The animal has been trapped in the Czech Republic since 2014 when Kadyrov was subjected to Western sanctions after Crimea rejoined Russia.

“How is that possible? Was he being held on a remote farm where people could just take him? Where’s the security? Where are the brave police with their democratically efficient and advanced investigative techniques?” the Chechen leader wrote on Telegram on Wednesday.

He said, “Anyone can leave their car open at night without having to worry about it in Chechnya.”

He expressed surprise that a sanctioned horse could disappear in a European country with “the police finding out only days later.”

“I don’t believe in coincidences. Horse thieves are unique: stupid enough to steal a sanctioned mount, yet sneaky enough not to be found by the police. I don’t buy them,” he said.

Kadyrov also urged Czech officials and media, who say it cost Zazou $18,000, not to underestimate the horse’s value.

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