Prepare your Binoculars, the Full Moon of Worms Appears in the Sky of Indonesia Tonight –

There is an interesting natural phenomenon tonight in Indonesia, Mother. The Worm Moon will appear in the Indonesian sky on Tuesday (7/3/2023) evening WIB.

The name of this natural phenomenon is quite unique, Mother. Because there is the word worm. So what does the worm have to do with the full moon?

The naming comes from The Farmer’s Almanac which refers to the March full moon as the Worm Moon.



The term originally referred to earthworms that emerge when the soil warms in spring. These conditions invite robins and other birds to feed their young. “A true sign of spring!”

Apart from The Farmer’s Almanac, information regarding the name Worm Moon comes from the 18th Century explorer, Jonathan Carver.

He wrote that the month’s name refers to a different type of ‘worm’. They were beetle larvae that had begun to emerge from the thawed bark of trees after hiding out in the winter.

Quoted from the Instagram account of the Aviation and Space Research Organization (LAPAN) of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), this March full moon will reach its peak on Tuesday (7/3) at 19.40 WIB, 20.40 WITA and 21.40 WIT.

“Purnama Mega, Purnama Nisfu Syaban,” quoted from the account.

Launching Live Science, this full moon will be fully visible on the days before and after the official full moon date.

The full moon itself occurs when the Moon and Sun are on opposite sides of the Earth. The day side of the Moon completely faces Earth, with the entire Moon appearing bright and round.


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