Popo Barbie Is Blasphemed Again, After Marrying a Fake Girl: Repent Before It’s Too Late!

Suara Sumatra – Popo Barbie is throwing a tantrum again. Male TikTok celebrities who like to dress up as women show off that they are married to imitation girls.

The action drew criticism from netizens. A photo of Popo Barbie getting married to a woman who is doing her wedding vows went viral on Twitter. They also took pictures together like newlyweds.

“There are just behaviors,” wrote the account @AREAJULID, quoted from Matamata.com, Thursday (9/3/2023).

Netizens highlight the TikToker’s wife who was born in 2005. His figure is none other than Rozi, the man who often appears in Popo Barbie content.

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Rozi was dressed up wearing a hijab to resemble a real woman, while Popo Barbie returned to his identity as a man. Convinced that it was just a gimmick, netizens flooded Popo with all kinds of blasphemy.

“Congratulations on your new life. I hope you become a sakinah, mawaddah, wahparah family,” commented the account @aseph *****.

“Repent, repent, dear friends, don’t be late,” said the account @syasy ****.

“The penghulu’s hands are too young, usually the penghulu is old and the table is dotted. Getting married in the photo studio? There are no witnesses, the marriage book is like a scout’s pocket book, just fix this Pansos, but I can’t stop thinking about the Pansos that much,” wrote the account @doy_pea* ****.

It is known that much of Popo Barbie’s content has drawn controversy, from being pregnant with baby Farhan Jijima to claiming to be seriously ill and vomiting jenglot. Most recently, Popo showed off his marriage.

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