Mother’s story of being ‘pranked’ by the fetus during an ultrasound, it was thought that she had a cleft… –

Ultrasound examination can detect abnormalities in the fetus. However, this examination is not 100 percent accurate, Mother.

An error in the results of an ultrasound examination was experienced by Mother with the TikTok account @yusnilestari02. The fetus in Mother’s womb was once said to have a congenital abnormality, namely a cleft lip.

At 36 weeks of gestation, the doctor who saw the results of the ultrasound found a depression in the upper lip of the fetus. The doctor also said that the possibility of this mother’s baby had a cleft lip.



“(While pointing at the screen). There is a depression in his upper lip, yes, this is a cleft (cleft palate),” he wrote. The HaiBunda team has received permission to quote this upload.

While looking at the ultrasound screen, this mother had tears in her eyes. At that moment, he felt like his world was crumbling.

“The world’s heart is broken, it feels as if it is collapsing, the first child is a girl too,” he said.

However, as if hit by a ‘prank’, ultrasound results are inversely proportional to reality. The child born by this mother is normal and does not have a congenital abnormality, cleft lip.

“Daan passed born… MasyaAllah (not cleft),” he said.

Another mother with a similar experience

This Mother’s story was also experienced by other Mothers. At least there are several Mothers who tell similar stories in the post comments column.

The fetus in their womb is called having problems. However, their baby was born healthy and without any deficiencies.

“It was the same with me yesterday bun…my world felt shattered until I changed 5 doctors to make sure…and it turned out that when I was born, Mashaallah was perfect,” wrote the account @ma ***.

“I also never said the doctor said my child had hydrocephalus until he was shocked and cried, but when he was born, thank God, his head was normal,” said @pu ***.

“Same, before the doctor’s ultrasound said that my child had a deficiency, but he didn’t tell me what, he said, just look at it when he’s born, but thank God, it’s completely normal,” said @de ***.

Ultrasound examination cannot 100 percent detect defects or abnormalities in the fetus correctly, Mother. Then what percentage of ultrasound can detect abnormalities, such as cleft lip?

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