Millen Cyrus admits that she is hypersexual so that she can do it 8 times a day, what causes it? – After making a public splash with her lover, Millen Cyrus also drew attention after openly discussing her sexual life. The reason is, Millen Cyrus admits that she is hypersexual and has had sex with her ex-boyfriend up to 8 times a day.

“I was with my ex 8 times a day. I came home from work, woke up, afternoon, evening, night,” said Millen Cyrus when she guested on Nexera Entertainment’s Youtube channel some time ago.

Millen Cyrus herself is not ashamed of her confession. Even though he admits that he is hypersex, Millen Cyrus admits that she can control her sexual desires. Not only that, he also admitted that he was willing to play a role to connect with his girlfriend.

“Yes, very hyper, only I can control. So a crazy girl can, a maid can, can be anything,” said Millen Cyrus.

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Millen Cyrus’ statement that a hypersex then became the spotlight. Moreover, the expression of having sex 8 times a day is considered quite a lot. However, what actually drives someone to be hypersexual?

Launching the Mayo Clinic page, hypersex or compulsive sexual behavior itself will usually encourage someone to like excessive sexual things. In fact, some people who experience this are difficult to control themselves.

The condition of hypersex in a person is also caused by various things, including the following.

1. Imbalance of brain chemicals

A person can become hypersexual because the chemicals in the brain are out of balance. Various chemicals in the brain such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine are factors that affect mood. When this is out of balance, it can encourage hypersexual behavior in a person.

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2. Changes in brain pathways

Changes in the brain’s neural pathways can also make a person’s behavior change. This makes a person feel addicted to various content and constant sexual stimulation.

3. Conditions that affect the brain

Various health conditions such as epilepsy, dementia, can create damage in the brain. It also affects changes in sexual behavior. Someone can become hypersex due to this brain condition.

Those are some of the causes of someone experiencing hypersex due to the condition of their brain. However, on the other hand there are various risks that encourage someone to become hypersexual, such as:

Alcohol use and drug abuse problems; Mental health conditions, such as mood disorders, depression, anxiety, or gambling addiction; Conflicts with family; History of sexual abuse.

That’s a variety of causes someone can be hypersex like Millen Cyrus.

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