Lime Sunlight Review: Effectively Cleans Leftover Fat & Oil at an Affordable Price –

For mothers, one of the homework after cooking in the kitchen is washing various cooking utensils. Oil until the remaining spices left in the pan are sometimes difficult to clean.

To clean the stains of residual fat and residual oil on cooking utensils, of course we need a powerful laundry soap, Mother. Incidentally, Bubun has been using Sunlight dish soap for a long time.

Mother at home must have known this brand of dishwashing soap. Apart from being effective in cleaning the remaining stains and oil, Bubun also likes the smell of fresh lime.




Usually Bubun will mix a little Sunlight with water into the container. Then insert the sponge until absorbed. After that, all that remains is to clean the cooking utensils or dishes that have just been used with the sponge.

As you know, Sunlight lime dish soap is currently available in various sizes. One of them is a 910 ml refill. So, this time you can buy it at a promo price of IDR 18,800, you know.

Do you want to buy this product? Come on, Bun, click here.

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