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Pain in the pubic bone during pregnancy is quite common. In the third trimester of pregnancy, pregnancy hormones that cause joints to loosen can cause pain, especially in the pubic bone.

In general, this is actually a good thing because it will make the birth process easier for you and your baby. However, sometimes this loosening can be very painful and sometimes the pain can persist into the early postpartum period.

Pubic bone pain during pregnancy

In severely loosened joints, instability and pain can occur. According to the Very Well Family, most pain is centered on the front of the pubic bone area, and above the mons pubis or under the pubic hair.



Certain movements can be painful, including getting out of bed, getting into the tub or car, putting on your pants, sitting for long periods of time, or doing repetitive tasks.

You may also notice some swelling in the area of ​​the pubic bone and experience wobbles when you walk or notice that your legs are not together.

You may notice that you can feel or hear a clicking sound when you walk or move your feet. Doctors or midwives can help understand your symptoms well.

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Causes and risk factors for pubic bone pain during pregnancy

This term of instability in the pelvic region is called symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), also known as symphysis pubis diastasis or pelvic girdle pain.

The reason for this condition is that pregnancy hormones cause joints to loosen, which can cause pain. This happens because relaxin relaxes the joints and ligaments throughout the body. In addition, it is also coupled with increased pressure on the pelvis and pubic bone during pregnancy due to the increasing weight of the uterus.

You are also more likely to experience pubic bone pain if you are carrying twins, if this is not your first baby, or if you have a very large baby. Having this condition in a previous pregnancy is also a risk factor for the condition to recur in a subsequent pregnancy.

Then if you experience pain in the pubic bone during pregnancy, how do you deal with it? Check out the full details on the following page Mother.

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