KithLabo takes a number of Independent musicians to new heights in their musical journey – KithLabo, an artist service developed by global digital music company Believe Music has successfully taken a number of independent musicians (indie) to a new level in their music career.

SEA AU NZ Believe Managing Director, Antoine El Iman revealed that Believe launched KithLabo in 2020 as the first artist services brand in Indonesia that focuses on working with independent musicians in the Pop Urban music genre.

“The success of KithLabo musicians in the last few months is a clear manifestation of the quality of their work which is supported by the creation and implementation of the latest marketing strategies by our local team and making the most of our global solutive technology,” said Antoine as quoted from the release received by brilio .net, Thursday (9/3).

He added that over the past few years, the number of indie musicians who publish music and videos on digital platforms and communicate with fans through social media has increased significantly.

KithLabo is here to provide support to musicians so they can stand out and maximize the promotion of music releases. However, musicians still have full control over their music and career path.

Country Director of Believe Indonesia, Dahlia Wijaya said, the main mission of artist services is to serve independent artists to reach an audience.

“Together with kithLabo, musicians collaborate with experienced experts in their fields to create relevant marketing and promotional strategies for their music listeners,” he said.

He guarantees that musicians still have freedom in creativity, production and ownership of the master recording. Indies became the first musician to work with KithLabo. Indies’ song “Dance With Shadows” is the first full-length album project by KithLabo and has achieved a total of 530 million streams on Spotify.

KithLabo was also part of the success of Yura Yunita’s third full-length album titled “Tutur Batin” which entered the top charts on various streaming services. This success was also proven by Yura Yunita through the AMI Awards Best Female Singer award for the third time in 2022.

“For almost three years I have been working with Believe artist services, it has changed my life a lot, made it easier and in fact brought me to the best point in my career during my musical journey from 2018,” said Yura Yunita.

Besides Yura Yunita, Idgitaf’s song “Takut” resonated in early 2022, making her one of the shining young female singers and songwriters. He also proved this by being one of the nominees for the Best Album in the 2022 AMI Awards version for his first mini album, “Hopefully Heal”.

Musicians currently working with KithLabo are Goodnight Electric, Julian Jacob, Yura Yunita, Sal Priadi, ldgitaf, TheOvertunes, Indies, .Feast, Gangga, The Panturas, Lomba Magic, RAN, Hal, and Putu Maydea.


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