Kalina Oktarani was furious that Indah Permatasari disgraced Arie Kriting: Did you not realize that you were hurting many parties?

Suara.com – The statement by Nursyah, the mother of Indah Permatasari, who openly called Arie Kriting her enemy, caught Kalina Oktarani’s attention. At that time, Nursyah asked netizens not to use their hands to write dirty comments, because Arie Kriting was hostile to him.

“I don’t have any enemies with you. My enemy is only Kriting, my enemy is only Kriting, who took me with no manners. That’s my enemy,” said Ms. Indah Permatasari, quoted from uploading @lambe_turah, Tuesday (7/3/2023).

Kalina Oktarani scolds Indah Permatasari's mother (Instagram/@lambe_turah)Kalina Oktarani scolds Indah Permatasari’s mother (Instagram/@lambe_turah)

In the upload, Kalina Oktarani left a comment in the form of long advice for the second time to Indah Permatasari’s mother.

According to Kalina Oktarani, Indah Permatasari’s mother should also think about the feelings of Arie Kriting’s biological mother, who must have felt hurt when her child was considered an enemy and vilified on social media.

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“If I were the mother of the boy that you mentioned above as your enemy, I would definitely be sad,” said Kalina Okatarani in the comment column for the @lambe_turah account.

Beautiful Moments of Permatasari Familiar with Mother at Sister's Application Event (YouTube/Nursyah Garden)Beautiful Moments of Permatasari Familiar with Mother at Sister’s Application Event (YouTube/Nursyah Garden)

Kalina Oktarani herself is a mother who allows her son to be side by side with anyone as long as it brings goodness. The ex-wife of Deddy Corbuzier is actually wondering why Nursyah didn’t just pray for the best for her child.

“Isn’t the mother aware, with the mother talking like this and the mother not blessing the child, the mother will hurt many parties, including the mother herself who has lost her child because she chose the man she loves,” added Kalina Oktarani.

Kalina also asked Nursyah to think about whether it would be possible for Indah Permatasari to live happily like now, if she married the man her parents had chosen.

However, Kalina Oktarani can only pray for the best and hope that Indah Permatasari’s mother is truly happy when she badmouths people, not because of her image in front of the camera.

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“But I can only pray that behind all the words the mother looks happy by badmouthing other people. Hopefully that is true happiness, not just temporary happiness when the mother’s cellphone camera turns on to record all the mother’s words,” said Kalina Oktarani.

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