Joanna Alexandra’s Story Between the Youngest Ziona with Special Needs Starting School –

Joanna Alexandra is one of the celebrity mothers who gave birth to children with special needs (ABK), Mother. Some time ago, the wife of the late Raditya Oloan shared stories about accompanying her youngest child, Ziona Eden Panggabean.

Ziona Eden Panggabean was born on May 24 2017 with a verdict of a rare disease. As time goes by, now Ziona is 5 years old and has just started school.

Through social media Instagram, Joanna shared the moment when Ziona left and entered school on the first day. As a mother, this woman who was born 35 years ago seemed so enthusiastic.



“First day out of 5 days taking part in a trial class at an inclusive school in North… so excited! Excited to get up early Monday to Friday. This is the first time following Ziona to a real school (not 1 on 1 therapy classes with a therapist), ” instead, quoted from the account @joannaalexandra.

“Mamajo is panicking? No, just excited hahahaha I’m curious to see Zio’s reaction to having to follow along with his friends, class schedules that have been made, new rules… without mom and sisters,” he continued.

Not only feeling enthusiastic, Joanna also explained the unusual feelings that she shared in other posts. This time, the caption he wrote was indeed more emotional, Mother.

How could it not be, Joanna recounted her experience when her youngest daughter was born into the world. There are many facts that she and her husband must accept regarding the condition of the princess.

Since birth, Ziona has had many limitations and unusual conditions. Starting from heart conditions to various other complex problems.

“Ziona, when she was born, experienced many limitations: a hole in the heart, poor breathing, clubfoot, hearing loss, spinal abnormalities, Pierre Robins sequence, laryngomalacia type 1, hypotonia, and several others,” she recalls.

That year was the hardest for Joanna, her husband and their family. As parents, she and her husband must remain steadfast, while at the same time being forced to think clearly in order to provide the best care for Ziona.

“It was a crazy year, balancing our sanity and standing in faith, but also searching and fighting and doing our best to get medical help (it was a crazy year. In addition to balancing sanity and belief, we also seek and fight and do our best to get medical help).

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