It turns out that Linda married Siri with Teddy Minahasa at Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi, said the attorney

LINIMASA – The name Linda Pudjiastuti became the spotlight of many parties after admitting that she had an unregistered marriage with the defendant in the drug trafficking case, Teddy Minahasa.

A similar view was expressed by Linda Pudjiastuti’s attorney, Adriel Viari Purba, who confirmed Linda’s statement at Teddy Minahasa’s trial regarding her status as a siri wife.

Adriel said that Linda had an unregistered marriage with Teddy Minahasa at Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi.

“They got married at Pelabuhan Ratu, the wedding was in Sukabumi,” said Adriel in his statement to the media crew at the West Jakarta District Court on (7/3/2023).

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It is known that the process of unregistered marriage between Teddy Minahasa and Linda took place after they both returned from the South China Sea.

Linda wants Siri to marry Teddy Minahasa because she doesn’t want to continue to sin.

“That (marriage) happened after returning from the South China Sea, because they always had sex, Mrs. Linda didn’t want to because it was a sin, ‘I want to marry first according to religion’,” he said.

Disputing the statement by Teddy Minahasa’s lawyer regarding interfaith marriages, it seems that at that time Linda and Teddy got married after they were both of the same religion.

“Then what was conveyed was different religions, there they already had faith and immediately married at that time at the mosque, you want to believe it, go ahead, don’t believe it too,” he said.

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As previously known, Teddy Minahasa and Linda were the defendants in the case of selling 1 kg of methamphetamine for IDR 400 million to a drug dealer in North Jakarta.

Apart from Teddy and Linda, there were 11 people who were accused in the 1 kg drug distribution case.

They include Teddy Minahasa Hendra, Aril Firmansyah, Aipda Achmad Darmawan, Mai Siska, Kompol Kasranto, Aiptu Janto Situmorang, Linda Pudjiastuti, Syamsul Ma’arif, Muhamad Nasir, AKBP Dody Prawiranegara.


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