He lost his parents in the earthquake, but put aside the pain and went to work, the painful story of Dr. Hon

Onur Koyuncu, the chief physician who lost his parents in the earthquake, put aside his pain and rushed to help the citizens.

In Hatay, where great destruction was experienced, one of the places most affected by the Kahramanmaraş earthquakes, the “Mustafa Kemal” University Training and Research Hospital served hundreds of injured that night.

The head doctor of the hospital and also a victim of the earthquake himself, Prof. Dr. Onur Koyuncu returned to duty immediately after the great disaster.

Koyuncu, who lost his mother and father in the earthquake, continued to work without thinking and rushed to help the injured who came raining that night from every corner of the city.

Describing what happened in the hospital that night, the chief physician Prof. Dr. Onur Koyuncu said:

“As soon as the earthquake happened, I took my children and came here. I have been here all the time since about 1 hour after the earthquake. Thus began our adventure. Unfortunately, it was a very difficult process. We dealt with a very large number of wounded. We served about 2,500 injured people in the first 72 hours. In addition, we have very fast transfers here. It was really a very difficult process.”

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