Hard Crackdown, Financial Constraints, Limit Protests in Myanmar

Two years after the military coup in Myanmar, a small number of young people are still protesting the coup. But given the military’s crackdown on protests, the tightened security situation and financial constraints, few flash mobs are currently taking place, and they are taking place in urban areas.

In such protests, in places such as Yangon and Mandalay, small groups of young people congregated briefly, shouting and carrying banners bearing slogans before dispersing.

The president of the All Myanmar Federation of Student Unions, who uses the name Molly in his interviews with the media for security reasons, said people in Myanmar need to be more aware of the opposition to the current junta.

“Flash mobs make people in cities nervous. While the revolution lasts for a long time, people return to normal life. Their political awareness and armed revolution need to be awakened,” he told VOA.

Since the coup, it has been young people who have been the most active in trying to bring down the regime despite night raids, unlawful arrests, chased or beaten in the streets.

The student union federation and the General Strike Committee, the largest grouping of groups organizing anti-government protests, told VOA that most of those taking part in the flash mob were high school students under the age of 18, while other students returned to military-controlled schools. , some members of the two organizations chose the armed route, actively participating in guerrilla attacks.

Molly and her brother, Nyi Min Thu, joined the protests just after the February 1, 2021 coup. Nyi Min Thu died on February 25, when the military raided the house where she was hiding.

“After my brother died, I worked even harder for the revolution risking my life,” Molly continued.

Two years after the coup, the military regime increased its control over major cities. At various road junctions in Yangon and Mandalay, the military set up checkpoints and stationed security forces. The junta’s security forces have arrested young demonstrators by raiding homes and carrying out harsh crackdowns during protests. [uh/ab]

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