Happy! Henny Rahman gave birth to the first child from Alvin Faiz, male

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Happy news came from the families of Alvin Faiz and Henny Rahman. Henny just gave birth to her first child with Alvin on Thursday (9/3/2023), Mother.

This good news was shared directly by Alvin on his Instagram page. Alvin uploaded a portrait of the child who is known to be male.

“Thank God, our child was born safely and normally healthy, whose name is: Muhammad Mikail Faiz Alhaliem. Born Thursday, March 9 2023 at 01.42 WIB,” he wrote as quoted from account @alvin_411.



This 24-year-old man also asked for prayers from the whole community so that the child would grow up to be a pious child and live a long life. He also hopes that Mikail can become the heir of the Prophets.

“Please be sincere to pray for our child, may Allah protect the world and the hereafter, grow into pious, healthy, long-lived children, become a generation of prophets. Amen, amen, O Lord,” said Alvin.

Greetings and prayers from netizens

Henny Rahman Gives Birth to a BoyHenny Rahman Gives Birth to a Boy/ Photo: Instagram: @alvin_411

Many netizens have been waiting for the birth of Alvin and Henny’s child. They also congratulated and prayed for Mikail.

“MasyaAllah. Congratulations Henny and Alvin, may Mikail be a pious child, qurrota a’yun for both parents, Aminn,” said a netizen.

“Alhamdulillah, I hope to be a son who is devoted to his parents in the afterlife, to be a pious son who is proud, to be an extension of Abuya’s preaching, son.”

“Thank God, I hope that I will become a pious child, who will be able to lead a boarding school with Abang Yusuf as Murabbi’s successor,” said another netizen.

Neither Alvin nor Henny revealed the meaning of their child’s name, Bunda. Even so, it turns out that the name Mikail can be interpreted in various ways.

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