Fuji Puts Up No Pictures Of His Mansion: I Have Privacy Restrictions

The news about Fujianti Utami Putri alias Fuji buying a luxury house has recently been widely discussed by the public.

The price of Fuji’s luxury homes is arguably not canned, reaching IDR 13 billion.

However, the latest ex-lover Tariq Halilintar made a ban on his new home.

Fuji issued a warning against taking pictures and recording in front of his luxury home without permission.

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The ban was uploaded by Fadly Faisal’s younger brother via his Instagram Story on Wednesday (9/3/2023) yesterday.

Fuji’s Instagram Story upload suddenly reaped slanted comments from netizens. Some even labeled Fuji arrogant because of the ban he made.

“Uti can’t be arrogant,” commented netizens.

Refusing the public to misunderstand his upload, Fuji explained what he was doing because of his privacy and convenience.

“More privacy or not, guys? I’m also an ordinary human being, I have privacy restrictions,” he said.

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Fuji also revealed that many foreigners record and upload their homes on social media, making them uncomfortable.

For this reason, Fuji forbade people to record or take pictures of his house.

“I haven’t moved there, it’s been recorded and uploaded by unknown people without my permission. It’s uncomfortable,” he said firmly.

Apart from that, there were also netizens who teased Fuji about the ban on recording and taking pictures of his new home.

“Let’s be free, what can I do, want to enter any guy into his house so that it’s safe not to go viral,” said netizens.

“So it’s good if you want to make the sin not go viral,” added netizens.

Called having bad intentions, Fuji also answered casually and even admitted that he had no idea what netizens were accusing.

“That’s you. I didn’t even think about it, uhuy,” Fuji replied.

As is known, Fuji recently bought a luxury home from the results of his hard work for more than a year in the entertainment world.

He will live in the house with his niece, Gala Sky.

He even had a room ready for Gala which was so nice.

According to him, buying the house was the dream of his late sister Bibi Ardiansyah and also his sister-in-law Vanessa Angel before she died.


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