For optimal results, these 5 important things you must know before starting to use retinol, check!

Retinol is a skincare product that has extraordinary benefits for the skin. This is because retinol plays a role in preventing the appearance of signs of aging so it can help keep the face looking youthful.

Even so, retinol products can’t be used carelessly, beauties. There are rules and a series of important things you need to know before starting to use retinol. Reporting from Vogue, here are 5 things in question. Listen!

1. Use Starting in the 20s

Use from the age of 20's
Use it from the age of 20s / Photo:

The use of retinol is indeed important considering its extraordinary benefits, especially in preventing premature aging. Even so, you still need to pay attention to the time of use. In this case, dermatologists recommend your 20s as a great time to start using retinol.

It is undeniable that some people have started complaining about the appearance of fine lines since their 20s. Therefore, this age is considered the best time to use anti-aging products such as retinol.

2. Apply Slowly

Apply slowly
Apply slowly / Photo:

There is no need to doubt the benefits of retinol for the skin, beauties. However, this does not mean that you can apply it in large quantities. Especially if you have just started using retinol, then make sure that you take it slowly and in moderation.

This is because retinol contains very strong formulations that can potentially cause irritation if used too often. Therefore, give time for your skin to adjust to its contents. In this case, you just need to use it 2 times per week.

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