FACT CHECK: Sadist! Al Ghazali Makes Thariq Halilintar Embarrassed, To Support El Rumi and Fuji to Be

Suara Denpasar – Shocking news came from Al Ghazali. It is reported that the eldest son of Maia Estiany and Ahmad Dhani has embarrassed Thariq Halilintar.

The connection between the two is not without reason. The reason is, El Rumi, who is the younger brother of Al Ghazali, is being arranged for an arranged marriage with Fuji, who is Tariq’s former lover.

This information itself was spread by the Vemi Liar YouTube channel through a video entitled “SADLS !! AL GHAZALI MAKES THORIQ SHAME, TO SUPPORT EL AND FUJI MADE, SHOWA KATAI FUJI WOMEN GATEL?”

This video has attracted a lot of attention because it has been watched more than 3,500 thousand times, even though it was only uploaded on Thursday (9/3/2023) afternoon.

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So, is the claim made by the uploader of the video true?


In the 3-minute and 55-second video, the narrator initially talks about Fuji, who was betrothed to El Rumi after breaking up with Tariq Halilintar.

The narrator then reads an article about Al Ghazali’s response to the arranged marriage.

“Al Ghazali seems grateful if netizens match his sister with someone because it is good for his popularity,” said the narrator in the video.

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After that, the narrator discusses Fuji’s latest Instagram post where she looks beautiful with a gray hijab.

The post attracted a lot of attention, including Thariq Halilintar who made a sweet comment saying, “Not in the fasting month of takjil, don’t take it out first.”

Nevertheless, the narrator does not mention Al Ghazali’s actions which humiliated Thariq Halilintar and his support for Fuji and El Rumi’s arranged marriage.

The statement about Sohwa Halilintar who said rudely to Fuji was also not included in the video even though the photo is in the thumbnail section.


Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that the title and content of the video are completely irrelevant.

Al Ghazali did comment on his younger brother’s arranged marriage with Fuji, but until now he has never embarrassed Thariq Halilintar in public.

Instead of being bad to Tariq, Al Ghazali even warned not to be disappointed if his younger brother was not destined to be with Fuji.

“So for example, it happened, thank God. If it doesn’t happen, don’t be disappointed. We are also in a relationship, you don’t know what it’s like,” Al Ghazali said as quoted from Maia Al El Dul TV’s YouTube channel, Thursday (9/ 3/2023).

Thus, the video uploaded by Vemi Liar above can be categorized as misleading or hoax content. (*/Dinda)


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