Fact Check: Geni Faruk Calls Aurel Hermansyah Mantu Insolent, Ashanty Is Angry, Really?

Suara Denpasar – Atta Halilintar’s household life with Aurel Hermansyah has always been in the spotlight of the Indonesian public.

As is well known, the Gen Halilintar Family is often absent on big holidays held by Atta Halilintar with Aurel Hermansyah.

Finally, the Gen Halilintar family was absent at the birthday celebration of Ameena Hanna Nur Atta, who is the only child of Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah.

Reported by the Vemi Liar YouTube channel, which aired on March 7, 2023, explained Aurel Hermansyah’s relationship with the Gen Halilintar extended family.

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“GET UP!! Seconds Seconds Ashanty Angry Until Atta’s Mother Was Dwarf Aurel Mantu Insolent, Aurel Admits Sickness, “The title in the video.

So is this news true?

Fact Check:

Based on searches, the video which lasts 3 minutes 45 seconds and has been watched by 8,026 thousand viewers explains Aurel Hermansyah’s relationship with the Gen Halilintar family.

“It turned out that Atta Halilintar’s younger sister, Sohwa Halilintar, had tried to separate Atta from Aurel Hermansyah so that Aurel admitted that he was still hurt by his husband’s younger sister,” said the narrator.

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“Not a few suspect that Aurel is fed up with the Lightning Gen family who are never there at important moments,” continues the narrator in the video.

Even though the video contains photos of Sohwa Halilintar, Geni Faruk, Ashanty, Aurel Hermansyah, and Krisdayanti, however, the contents of the video do not discuss Ashanty being angry with the Gen Halilintar family.

Thus, the video contains fake news because the news content in the video does not match the title uploaded by the YouTube channel.

So in that way, the news is untrue news and or hoax news. (*/Ana AP)


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