Fact Check: Body Is Getting Thinner Because of Dude Harlino’s Attitude To Himself, Alyssa Soebandono Reveals Her Husband’s Treatment So Far, Really?

Suara Denpasar – Alyssa Soebandono officially married Dude Harlino on March 22, 2014.

Now Alyssa Soebandono and Dude Harlino have been blessed with two sons named Muhammad Dirgantara Ariendra Harlino and Malik Mahendra Harlino.

After nine years of marriage to Dude Harlino, now finally Alyssa Soebandono has revealed how her husband treated her.

This was uploaded by the Celebrity Sensation YouTube channel on Friday (4/3/2023), with the title “Tired of CONSTANTLY SILENT A THOUSAND LANGUAGES: Now Icha is frank with Dude Harlino’s attitude all this time,”.

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The video with a duration of 4 minutes and 19 seconds has currently been watched by 3,889 thousand viewers.

The uploaded video explains the condition of Alyssa Soebandono, who is emaciated because of Dude Harlino’s attitude towards her.

“This beautiful 31-year-old artist is now busy being discussed by netizens because her body looks so very thin. Many suspect that Alyssa Soebandono’s condition is currently in a bad condition,” said the narrator in the video.

The video thumbnail only shows a cloage photo of Alyssa Soebandono and Dude Harlino.

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The video uploaded by the YouTube channel also only reports on Alyssa Soebandono’s emaciated body because of Dude Harlino.

However, the narrator’s words in the video are not proven by valid evidence, so the news cannot be proven true.

Thus, the news uploaded by the Celebrity Sensation YouTube channel is fake news or hoax. (*/Ana AP)


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