Drones The Size Of Mosquitoes Carry Biological Weapons To Spy On Humanity


Drones The Size of Mosquitoes start stalking humanity. PHOTO/ DAILY STAR

JAKARTA – The emergence of drones is now increasingly diverse, especially since these unmanned aircraft have various types and sizes.

Starting from the large ones that are capable of transporting goods, to the smallest with different functions.

Speaking to The Sun, Professor of Global Biosecurity at the University of New South Wales Raina MacIntyre warned that any organism can now be created in a laboratory, meaning terrorists can create biological materials such as viruses.

Technologies such as “Insect Drones” can then be used to release the virus onto humanity.

“I think we are facing an existential threat to human survival through this type of technology. “Insect drones” can then be used to release viruses onto humanity,” Raina said.

As reported by Daily Stara, Saturday (21/5/2016), not only the size of a mosquito, now there is a drone that has the ability of an insect, called Robo-bee.

This tiny drone can be said to have the smallest size in the world. Because it has the same size as a coin.

Robo-bees can fly and are claimed to be able to perch like real bees. When viewed from its capabilities, this drone can be used for search or rescue operations. This ability is due to the presence of electrostatic adhesion, which is the same process in statically-charged balloons that allows sticking to walls.

Director of the Aerial Robotics Laboratory, Dr Mirko Kovac of Imperial College, London, the drone is currently undergoing trials in environmental monitoring and disaster relief efforts.

But the question is with its flight capability and very small size, this drone doesn’t have a large supply of electricity, so hovering around won’t be very efficient in the long run.

Moreover, the light load will easily be carried by the wind when flying and will interfere with the navigation process.

The idea of ​​being able to perch or perch is an interesting idea, as it provides an energy saving solution to solve the challenge. We are waiting for its development whether it will be mass produced.


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