Dengue Mosquitoes Attack Many Children, Let’s Protect With These 5 Tips –

In the rainy season like now, one of the things that worries you the most is mosquitoes. The rapidly increasing numbers make your little one more at risk of mosquito bites and disease.

This, of course, you need to watch out for Mother. This is because mosquitoes can carry various dangerous viruses such as malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya and so on. If it’s just deadly for adults, let alone children right, Mother.

To protect your little one from mosquito bites during the rainy season, you can follow the following tips from various sources.

1. Use Shirt & Trousers

Wear shirts and long pants on your little one when you invite him to play outside the house. Closed clothing will reduce the risk of children being exposed to mosquito bites when playing outside. If necessary, also put hats, socks and closed shoes on children.

Also avoid using bright colored clothes Mother. Mosquitoes have an interest in bright colors. So, choose neutral or dark colored clothes for your little one, Bun.

2. Change the water in the flower vase & tidy up the piled up cloth

If Mother has a flower vase in the house, don’t forget to change the water regularly. If not replaced regularly, cloudy vase water can become a nest for mosquito larvae.

In addition, avoid the habit of piling up cloth and clothes in Mother’s room. Piles of cloth, especially dark ones, are one of the favorite places for mosquitoes to perch. By tidying up cloth and clothes so they don’t pile up, Mother can prevent mosquitoes from roaming in the house.

3. Clean the Environment Around the House

It’s no secret that mosquitoes like dirty environments. Garbage and piles of leaves are favorite perch places for these biting insects.

Therefore, Mother must routinely clean the environment around the house. In particular, garbage such as dry leaves, plastic and so on. Thus, mosquitoes will not have a place to perch around the house.

Also make sure Mother cleans up standing water around the house. This is because stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. By cleaning the stagnant water, mosquitoes will not be able to breed in the environment around your house.

4. Apply Anti Mosquito Lotion

To prevent mosquito bites when playing outside/outdoor activities, Mother can use mosquito repellent lotion on your little one. Choose a soft mosquito repellent lotion made from natural leaves, so it is safe to use for sensitive skin and safe for children’s skin too. So, children can freely move outside the home without fear of being bitten by mosquitoes carrying disease viruses.

5. Use Mosquito Killer Spray

So that every room in the house is free from mosquitoes, you can also use mosquito repellent sprays. Currently, there are many mosquito repellent sprays with various ingredients and aromas that you can choose from.

But remember Mother, choose a mosquito repellent spray that is made from environmentally friendly ingredients. This is so that the child’s health is not disturbed if the scent of mosquito spray is inhaled after a while of spraying.

One of them is Force Magic mosquito repellent spray, Force Magic Forcemagic aerosol mosquito repellent with a synergistic formula, so mosquitoes are 100% dead. This synergistic formula works by stopping enzymes in the mosquito’s body, so that mosquitoes cannot neutralize mosquito killers and are susceptible to mosquito coils.

Force Magic is made from active synthetic pyrethroids (transfluthrin and permethrin) derived from chrysanthemum (serunai) flowers. This content makes Force Magic friendly for the environment, families, especially children. Not only that, Force Magic has a higher gas pressure, so it can reach areas that are difficult to reach.

Force Magic has a formula that easily decomposes when exposed to sunlight, so it doesn’t settle on sheets, pillows, chairs and other fabrics. So Mother doesn’t need to worry about using Force Magic for her family, especially your little one.

In addition, Force Magic has a non-stinging fragrance so it doesn’t interfere with breathing. The active ingredients of Force Magic which are environmentally friendly also make it relatively easy to excrete from the body through faeces, urine and the respiratory tract if inhaled.

Mother can buy Force Magic at the nearest minimarket and supermarket. Mothers can also get Force Magic products online through the Enesis Official Store on various e-commerce platforms.

So, you don’t need to hesitate anymore Mother. Protect your little one from mosquito bites with Force Magic, More Powerful, Safer!*

*Compared to FM 0.15AE


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