Cruise Ship Carries Bombs to Explode the Nord Stream Pipeline


The Nord Stream pipeline overflows after it explodes in the Baltic Sea, in this picture released September 29, 2022. Photo/REUTERS

BERLIN – German authorities searched a ship in January they suspect of carrying explosives before the Nord Stream pipeline bombing in September last year.

The German Prosecutor’s Office released the report on Wednesday (8/3/2023). A spokesperson for the Federal Attorney’s Office confirmed a search had taken place earlier this year.

He added that authorities were still evaluating the seized items. “The identities of those allegedly linked to the charter of the boats, as well as their potential motives, remain unclear,” the official said, quoted by German media.

On Tuesday, German state broadcaster ARD, SWR radio and newspaper Die Zeit claimed investigators looking into the incident had found the yacht reportedly used in the attack belonged to a Polish company that “appears to be owned by two Ukrainians.”

According to Die Zeit, a “secret operation” to destroy the pipeline was carried out by a team of six people, five men and one woman.

“Their nationality is unknown,” the paper said, because they used fake passports to charter the boat.

The publication also said authorities had reviewed information that might indicate “pro-Ukrainian groups” were responsible.

“The ship sailed from Rostock in Germany on September 6, 2022,” said Die Zeit, ahead of the bombing that damaged the pipeline on September 26.

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