Congratulations, Alvin Faiz and Henny Rahman are blessed with sons, Insertlive –

Happy news came from the couple Alvin Faiz and Henny Rahman for the birth of their first child.

The news was revealed through Alvin and Henny’s latest upload on their Instagram page.

Henny gave birth to a baby boy on Thursday (9/3) at around 01.42 WIB normally.

The baby whose face is still being kept secret is named Muhammad Mikail Faiz Alhaliem.

“Thank God, our child was born safely and normally healthy. His name is: Muhammad Mikail Faiz Alhaliem, born Thursday, March 9 2023, at 01.42 WIB,” Alvin Faiz wrote in his upload statement.

Alvin also asked the public to give prayers to the baby so that one day he will become a pious and healthy child.


“Please be sincere to pray for our child, may Allah protect the world and the hereafter, grow up to be pious children, healthy for a long life, become a generation of rabbani heirs of the prophets. Amen, amen, O Lord,” he continued.

Through uploads on Insta Stories, Henny shows the moment of Alvin Faiz holding his son.

Apart from that, Muhammad Zayn El Barack Daulay, the only child of Henny and his ex-husband Zikri Daulay, also looks so happy to welcome his younger brother.

For this news, Alvin and Henny received many congratulations from the public.

“MasyaAllah Tabarakallah, I hope to be a pious child, devoted to both parents. Congratulations to sister Henny & Mr. Alvin,” wrote @sit***.

“How come it’s so easy for people to get cows.. congrats to Alvin and his wife.. I hope the cows will catch on.. amen,” commented the account @lee ***.

“Barrakallah Sis Alvin and Neng Henni may they become pious children,” wrote @wul ***.


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