Compact! Gista Putri and Wina Natalia are often confused about boyfriends and first children –

Before marrying Gista Putri, Wisnutama was married to a woman named Wina Natalia. From this marriage, Wisnu and Wina were blessed with two children namely Salvaditya Tama and Sultan Saladyne Tama.

Salva himself is now big and studying abroad. Even though his parents have separated, Salva still has a good relationship with both of them.

Not only that, Salva also looks very close to his extended mother, Gista Putri. The two often spend time together, Mother.



Just like her daughter, Wina Natalia also has a good relationship with Gista Putri. Wina and Gista even raised their child together when they were growing up.

Not long ago, Wina Natalia uploaded a photo on her Instagram page. In the portrait, he and Gista are seen flanking Salva. Not only that, both of them are also always curious about the love affairs of their child.

“Salva and 2 mothers who are often confused about girlfriend affairs,” wrote Wina, seen by account @winatalia on Monday (6/3/2023).

Establish rapport

Many netizens like Wina Natalia and Gista Putri’s parenting style, Mother. Not a few of them feel happy because the Wina and Gista families are far from oblique issues.

“Mindaaa, I’m always happy to see Minda’s posts. A unique family relationship,” said a netizen with the account @anita.yu ****.

“It’s nice to see that Salva’s sister is lucky to have 2 beautiful mothers who really love Salva.”

“So sweet family,” added another netizen.

Many people find it difficult to reconcile with the past and get along with the new family of their ex-husband or wife, Mother. So, what must be done to have a good relationship like Wina Natalia and Gista Putri?

Check out the full tips on the next page, Mother.

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[Gambas:Video Haibunda]

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