British SAS Soldier Undercover Arms Dealer, Travels World Search Artillery for Ukraine


The Special Air Service (SAS) is the main special forces regiment in the British Armed Forces. Photo/

LONDON – Ukraine has exhausted its stockpile of weapons and ammunition it inherited from the Soviet Union in 1991, including NATO-supplied weapons since Russia attacked Kiev.

A team of British SAS commandos are reportedly scouring the world for supplies of Russian caliber artillery shells to replenish Ukraine’s depleted arsenal.

British daily newspapers report a dozen special forces troops have traveled across Africa, the Middle East and Asia, along with British intelligence agents and Foreign Office officials.

The group, posing as arms dealers, brought in “significant amounts of cash” to purchase stockpiles of 122 mm rounds outright.

122 mm caliber shells are fired by many Ukrainian artillery guns inherited from the Soviet Union in the war against Russia.

“Our people have sources all over the world who will know if any ammunition is available and who to contact to reach a deal,” said one military source.

The source explained, “It hasn’t always been easy, it’s been a struggle with a lot of dead ends, but some have worked out.”

The team has traveled to Angola, Egypt, Jordan, Kazakhstan and Vietnam. But sources this week claimed a deal had been reached on supplies in an unnamed European country.

Arms factories in Bulgaria and Romania are still producing these Soviet-era weapons and ammunition.

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