Beautiful Happy Smile Permatasari Sees New Home with Husband, Luxurious and Almost Complete –

The couple Indah Permatasari and Arie Kriting are happy, Mother. This can be seen clearly in the latest uploads of the two on the Instagram account.

In this post, the couple shows off the development of the new home they will be moving into. The residence is still under construction and will be completed soon.

Of course, the upload is also accompanied by a description in the caption column. There, Arie said that the house was an effort he made to always make his wife happy.



The birth of Kendari, 37 years ago, can also be proof of his responsibility to support and provide for the needs of his wife and children.

“This video is to make Miss @indahpermatas Happy. Alhamdulillah, little by little we will always try to prove ourselves, to be a responsible partner and provide for our small family,” he wrote, quoted from the @arie_kriting account.

“Maybe there are still many shortcomings, but I’m still trying,” he continued.

Shows the contents of the house

The content is a short video filled with Indah and Arie’s chat while looking at the contents of the house, Mother. Brand went around looking at every corner of the house and gave information for every room he entered.

The house that Arie has prepared for his wife is quite luxurious, Mother. The 3-storey building has a modern design with many rooms that have been arranged to be used for anything.

“Assalamualaikum. So here it is, the living room, yes. It’s simple, the important thing is to have your own, God willing,” said Arie Kriting.

Then the couple went to the top floor. There, they showed us the room that was expected to be used as the main room and the other for the only child.

“I’m already on the third floor, main room, baby dedek’s room,” said Indah.

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