Apply These 5 Healthy Eating Habits, To Keep Your Body Ideal

Keeping the body ideal is not only built with exercise and food intake. However, also by paying attention to the eating habits of Beauties. Like when to eat, how to eat, and much more. To know more details, read this article until it’s finished.

1. Eat Slowly

Woman is enjoying her meal with chopsticks in hand
Eat slowly/ photo: Freepik/ freepik

Food tastes better and is more filling when beauties can enjoy the process of eating properly. More than that, eating slowly can also maintain your ideal body, you know, beauties.

According to Health Hub, it takes the brain about 20 minutes to send signals of fullness to the body. Therefore eating slowly and not in a hurry is very good for the body in regulating the amount of incoming calorie intake.

Feeling and following the recommendations for chewing 32 times before swallowing food can also help the stomach, making it easier to digest the food. From now on, try to apply this habit, OK, beauties.

2. Don’t forget to consume vegetables and fruits

A woman is eating while holding a bowl full of salad
Vegetables and fruit/ photo: Freepik/ jcomp

Vegetables and fruits, which are high in fiber, are also required to be included in healthy eating habits, in order to maintain an ideal body. This is because vegetables and fruits have a low saturated fat content and can fill the body.

In addition, to ensure that the body’s needs for vitamins are met and to expedite the digestive process, vegetables and fruit are needed, right, beauties. Quoted from, it is recommended to consume vegetables, especially those that are dark green, red, orange, three servings a day and also fruit at least two servings per day.

3. Reduce Salt Consumption

Woman holding snack bucket
Kurangi garam/ photo: Freepik/ Kamran Aydinov

Who doesn’t like to eat something salty and savory? Most beauties, they must like it, right? But, it turns out that please be careful beauties, don’t consume too much salt, because it can cause weight gain.

The reason is because the salt that accumulates in the body can lock up the water content, so you gain weight. Therefore, quoted from the NHS, you should limit yourself to only consuming 6 grams of salt per day. Look at food labels to calculate salt intake.

In addition, by reducing salt consumption can also avoid high blood pressure. So, Beauties can be healthier, especially for old age.

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