Aldila Jelita Reveals Reasons for Keukeuh Wanting to Divorce from Indra Bekti

SuaraGarut.Id – Aldila Jelita’s determination to divorce Indra Bekti is unanimous.

Dilla, Aldila Jelita’s nickname, wants her relationship with Indra Bekti as a brother or just a friend.

“As brothers and sisters…?? Is it really that much?” asked Irfan Hakim to Aldila Jelita quoted from YouTube Trans7 Official which aired March 8, 2023.

Dilla’s statement surprised Irfan Hakim. How could it not be, this woman has built a household with Indra Bekti for 13 years.

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Aldila Jelita married Indra Bekti on October 10, 2010. And from this marriage the couple was blessed with three children.

So, how could Dilla regard Indra Bekti as a big brother.

However, this Dutch-Arab mulatto woman firmly said:

“Yes, that’s it… for now,” said Aldila Jelita.

Dilla, who had appeared in the film ‘Jilbab Traveler: Love Spark in Korea’, was also ready to take all the risks, including a flood of blasphemy from netizens.

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According to him, the blasphemy only comes from people who do not know the problem.

“Usually, no one knows the lives of other people, the contents of other people’s hearts,” he explained.

“No one of you knows what’s in a person’s heart, what is he going through? We don’t know the law of karma, if that happens to you, good wallohu alam,” he said again.

So what is Dilla’s reason for wanting to divorce Indra Bekti?

According to him, this was because Indra Bekti did not want to change.

He said that in 2020 he actually wanted a divorce. But at that time he tried to survive in the hope that Indra Bekti would change.

“Apparently, now it’s happening again,” he said.

However, this woman who was born in Malaysia, March 13, 1986, did not explain what actually happened to Indra Bekti that prompted her to file for divorce.

Dilla did not want the incident to become public consumption. ***


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