9 Iftar Drinks for Acid Stomach Sufferers, Healthy and Still Refreshing

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Consuming sweet and fresh drinks has indeed become a mainstay of the non-fasting menu every year in the month of Ramadan. Sufferers of stomach acid may not need to worry because there are several healthy drinks for breaking the fast for sufferers of stomach acid, Mother.

When fasting, Muslims are advised to endure hunger and thirst from sunrise to breaking the fast. Usually, when breaking the fast, most people choose refreshing drinks, but they ignore the nutrition and the effects of these drinks on their health, Mother.

For people with stomach acid, maybe some drinks that contain caffeine or soda can make problems for them. Therefore, they need to choose healthy drinks for the iftar menu.



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9 healthy iftar drinks for stomach acid sufferers

Summarized from the Practical Recipe book; Healthy & Fit During Fasting by Yunita Indah Prasetyaningrum, here are some recipes for choices of fresh and healthy drinks for breaking the fast, very suitable for mothers who suffer from stomach acid, you know.

1. Ice with lime


1 young coconut, take the flesh and juice of 200 grams of green melon, cut into rounds 2 tablespoons of basil seeds, put in 200 ml of warm water 4 limes, take the water 10 tablespoons of syrup Ice cubes to taste

How to make:

Mix all the ingredients together and stir until evenly distributed. Pour into small bowls. Then, serve.

2. Cucumber ice cubes


1 medium-sized cucumber, finely shaved lengthwise 1 lime, take the water 500 ml of syrup Ice cubes to taste

How to make:

Mix all the ingredients until evenly distributed. Pour into the glass. Serve while still cold.

3. Fish eye cantaloupe ice


1 cantaloupe, scraped lengthwise 1 tsp basil, soaked in hot water and drained 600 ml of young coconut water 300 grams of shaved ice

Syrup ingredients

75 grams of sugar 3 pieces of pandan leaves, finely chopped Salt a little 250 ml of water

How to make:

Boil all the syrup ingredients until dissolved and fragrant. Then, remove and cool. Arrange the cantaloupe and basil dredges in a bowl. Add coconut water and shaved ice. Then, pour the syrup and serve.

4. Spiced fruit cocktail


1 small pineapple, cut into small squares 1 yam fruit, diced 300 grams of papaya menkal, cut into rounds 300 grams of green melon, cut into rounds 500 ml of water 150 grams of sugar 3 cm of cinnamon 2 cloves 500 ml of ice cubes

How to make:

Boil water, sugar, cinnamon, cloves until all the sugar is dissolved. Enter the pineapple, jicama, papaya, and melon. Stir briefly, remove, and cool. Store in refrigerator. Serve with ice cubes.

5. Ice grass jelly


200 grams of green or black mince, cut into squares of 1 young coconut, dredge 1/4 tablespoon of basil, soak in hot water and drain 150 grams of ice cubes

Syrup Ingredients:

125 grams of sugar 2 pandan leaves, conclude 1/2 drops of green coloring 250 ml of water

How to make:

To make the syrup, boil all the ingredients over low heat until they boil and dissolve. After that, remove and cool. Tata grass jelly, young kelap, and basil. Add syrup and ice cubes. Then, serve.

6. Magical smoothies


1 medium size mango, take the flesh 1 Ambon banana, cut the fruit 75 ml yogurt 50 ml sweet orange juice 100 ml cold water 2 tablespoons honey Ice cubes to taste

How to make:

Put all the ingredients in a blender. Process until all ingredients are smooth. Pour into a glass. Then, serve.

7. Smoothies GuaNey


2 red guavas, washed and cut 4 tablespoons of honey 75 ml of yogurt 150 ml of mineral water Ice cubes to taste

How to make:

Put all the ingredients into the blender. Process until smooth. Strain the juice, pour into glasses and serve.

8. It’s campur


Sweetened condensed milk to taste Cold boiled water to taste Ice cubes or shaved ice cubes to taste Red cocopandan syrup to taste 1 avocado Black grass jelly to taste Basil to taste Young coconut to taste Nata de coco (coconut juice) to taste Tapai to taste

How to make:

Cut the black grass jelly into cubes. Take the avocado flesh. All the ingredients are put together in a glass or bowl: avocado, grass jelly, basil, coconut juice, young coconut, tapai, and cendol. Add enough milk and syrup to taste and stir. Give ice shavings or pieces of ice with cold water. Stir until smooth and serve fresh cold.

9. It is cut


1 young coconut 1/4 melon 2 tablespoons dry basil 75 gr sugar (according to taste) 2 limes Ice cubes

How to make:

Prepare all ingredients. Scrape the melon until it is elongated. Soak the dried basil in enough water. Squeeze the lime. Stir coconut with sugar until dissolved. Enter the basil, stir well. Enter the melon dredging, stir well. Pour the lime juice, stir and correct the taste. Add ice cubes. Pour into glasses and serve.

So, those are some recipes for refreshing and healthy iftar drinks for people with gastric acid. Hopefully useful, yes, Mother.

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