5 Facts about the case of pregnant women who died after being rejected by the Subang Hospital, chronology and investigation by the Ministry of Health

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Some time ago, the news in Indonesia was busy with the case of a pregnant woman who was rejected by Ciereng Subang Hospital, Bunda. The woman, who was 9 months pregnant, died on the way with her husband to a hospital in Bandung.

This incident certainly attracted a lot of attention. In fact, this is a case that will be investigated by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia together with local authorities.

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1. Chronology

Quoting from detikcom, the incident began when Kurnaesih, who is from Citombe Village, Buniara Village, Tanjungsiang District, Subang Regency, was about to give birth on Thursday (16/2/2023) evening. The 39-year-old woman is said to have had contractions while at her house, Mother.

At that time his condition also continued to decline, until in the end his family took him to the Tanjungsiang Health Center for initial treatment. But unfortunately, because there was no change, Kurnaesih was taken to Ciereng Hospital.

“It was dropped when I was still at home, I took it straight to the puskesmas. It was the same, it’s still like that, there was no change. Then finally it was taken directly to the Subang Hospital,” said Juju Junaedi, Kurnaesih’s husband.

Arriving at the RSUD, Kurnaesih was received by the Emergency Room (IGD). However, when he was about to enter the Comprehensive Emergency Neonatal Obstetric Service (PONEK) room to get treatment, he was refused on the grounds that the hospital had not received a referral from the Tanjungsiang Health Center.

“When he was in the emergency room, he was still accepted, but when he was transferred to the children’s room, he was immediately rejected. He said there was no confirmation from the Tanjungsiang Health Center referral mah. So, that’s the chronology,” he said.

The family finally immediately took Kurnaesih to a hospital in Bandung because there was no action from Ciereng Hospital. However, the victim and the child in her womb died while on the way.

“There was no action at all from the Ciereng Hospital, I immediately took it to Bandung with the midwife at the Puskesmas using an ambulance at the Tanjungsiang Health Center. My wife was not strong and died early when she wanted to go to the hospital in Bandung,” said Juju.

2. Full ICU

Responding to this incident, the Main Director of RSUD Ciereng Subang, dr. Ahmad Nasuhi, explained the reasons for the hospital’s rejection of patients on behalf of Kurnaesih. He said the midwife on duty had informed the family that the ICU was full before Kurnaesih was taken to the PONEK room.

“Finally he was taken to Ponek, at Ponek he was surprised which patient was, before he was told that the ICU was full, so in this condition we don’t refuse, because if we have an operation, where will we put it,” he said.

Ahmad also explained that when confirming the request for a referral to the Puskesmas, the RSUD had said that the ICU room was full. Patients and families are advised to look for other hospitals because seeing the patient’s condition requires an ICU.

“Thursday (16/2/2023) he entered the Subang Hospital, but previously this patient had been informed through the midwife who brought the patient that the ICU was full. It turned out that this patient was already near the Hospital when he was informed that the ICU was full,” he explained.

For this incident, the Ciereng Subang Hospital continues to apologize to the victim’s family for the death of the pregnant woman.

“We also offer our deepest condolences, and indeed this was unexpected, and from a humanitarian point of view we also apologize, it’s not that we didn’t try, even in the emergency room it was done like that,” he said.

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