10 Weirdest MMA Fights in the World, Number 9 Just Avoids Punching Each Other


The battle for Derrick Lewis vs Francis Ngannou is considered the strangest because both fighters only avoided punches. Photo: MMA Mania

JAKARTA – The strangest fights in the history of mixed martial arts (MMA) are in this article. One of them, the two fighters just dodged throughout the fight.

One that is quite memorable is the duel Derrick Lewis vs Francis Ngannou
which was originally thought to be running fiercely. However, the duel was actually boring because the two fighters just dodged.

Here are the 10 most boring fights in MMA:

1. Valentina Shevchenko vs Priscila Cachoeira

The duel Valentina Shevchenko vs Priscila Cashoeira which took place in 2021 caused controversy. Because, in that fight the referee Mario Yamasaki was considered too outrageous.

The referee allowed Shevchenko to throw hard punches repeatedly until Cachoeira fell helplessly. UFC President Dana White was shocked to the point of calling the incident disgusting. Since then, Mario has been banned from leading MMA fights.

2. Ryan Hall vs Gray Maynard

The duel between Ryan Hall vs Gray Maynard which was held by MMA was awkward. Each fighter only dodged for several rounds until finally Ryan Hall was declared victorious by decision of numbers.

3. Randy Couture vs James Toney

Randy Couture and James Toney are two unbelievably brilliant fighters. However, Toney surprisingly proved to be no match for Randy on the mat. He lost by first round submission. Fights have never been so predictable, but unexpected at the same time. The fight was noted as one of the fastest in MMA.

4. Nick Diaz vs Koji Oishi

In this fight, Koji Oishi made his UFC debut by trying a new defense technique against Nick Diaz. However, this decision apparently was not a good decision.

Oishi chose to cross his arms over his shoulders, standing up with almost no counterattack. Nick Diaz landed punches at will until Oishi gave up a barrage of punches in the first round.

5. Michel Pereira vs Tristan Connelly

This dual is considered interesting because Pereira always manages to present entertaining fights. Meanwhile Tristan comes into this fight as a flashy and promising prospect.

In that match Michael Pereira continued to unleash deadly punches. He appeared so dominant throughout the fight, but at the end of the last round Tristan Connelly surprisingly managed to knock down Michael Pereira and win.

6. Sean O’Malley vs Kris Moutinho

Kris Moutinho came as a challenger against Sean O’Malley’s favorite fighter. In that fight, Kris managed to overcome all of Sean O’Malley’s punches and attacks, but at the end of the round Herb Dean controversially stopped the fight.

7. Gerard Gordeau vs. Teila Tuli

This heavyweight UFC presents Gerard Gordeau’s duel against a much bigger fighter, Teila Tuli. Even though he was smaller in stature, Gerard managed to win by landing a kick on Teila’s head that caused several of his teeth to fall out.

8. Anderson Silva vs Damian Maia

The duel between Anderson Silva vs Damian Maia is considered one of the most incredibly strange in the UFC. In that fight, Anderson was completely unable to follow up the fight by lying down and kept lying on the floor.

Damian Maia, who was declared victorious in the fourth round, got hit by the sap. Because UFA President Dana White refused to give him the championship belt.

9. Derrick Lewis vs Francis Ngannou

This fight not only failed to live up to expectations, it is considered the worst fight in UFC history. Throughout the fight, Derrick Lewis and Francis Ngannou only avoided punches and kicks. Until finally the whole audience roared and jeered at the two fighters.

10. Mickey Gall vs CM Punk

CM Punk had shown an interest in MMA for some time before jumping into the fight. Training under Duke Roufus, fans started to put their faith in Punk ahead of his scheduled fights.

However, when faced with Mickey Gall, he was helpless. CM Punk could only stay on the floor while continuing to receive punches and attacks from Mickey Gall. The boring spectacle continued until the fight ended.


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