Why Do Husbands and Wives Lose Their Desire to Have Sex? This is the reason, according to Buya Yahya

SuaraBandung.id – Loss of desire to have intercourse can be a serious problem in the household.

Because, this can cause feelings that can damage the harmony of husband and wife.

Then, what can cause loss of desire to have sex?

Reporting from the Al-Bahjah TV YouTube channel, Buya Yahya explained this.

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Causes of Loss of Desire to Have Intimate Relationships

1. Addiction to Watching Adult Films

One of the causes of loss of desire to have sex is addiction to watching adult films.

According to Buya Yahya, frequently watching adult films can make a person feel dissatisfied with their partner.

That is, the impact of this addiction can lead to a desire for other people and seek their own pleasure, rather than with their partners.

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2. Psychological Conditions

Psychological conditions can also be a cause of loss of desire to have intercourse.

For example, a husband who lacks manners when having sex with his wife has an impact on his mental state.

This can make the wives feel that having intercourse is something that is burdensome.

Then, the wife’s jealousy towards her husband for making a certain mistake can also be a cause of loss of desire to have intercourse.

3. Self-pleasure

Other causes can come from abnormalities in either husband or wife. In this case, the partner prefers to seek his own pleasure in intercourse.

For that, according to Buya Yahya, it is important to first know the problems faced by the couple, thus causing the loss of the desire to have sex.

Then, try to discuss or have good communication with your partner to solve the problem.

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