Who Invented Morse Code and the Telegraph? Here’s the answer


In this article, we will discuss the inventor of Morse code and the telegraph tool. DOC ist’s photo

JAKARTA – In this article, we will discuss the inventors of Morse code and telegraph tools. Both are a machine or tool used to communicate.

The invention of Morse code and the telegraph is a very meaningful history for developments in the world of communication. At that time the two tools were used to communicate remotely.

Reporting from interesting engineering, Samuel Finley Breese Morse was the inventor of the Morse code in 1836. This code is a special form of the alphabet used to send messages on the telegraph.

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Samuel Morse was born in Charlestown Massachusetts, USA on April 27, 1791. He is known as a scientist and also a famous writer.

Meanwhile, the telegraph itself has actually existed since the 1700s. However, at that time it was still limited to the concept and basis for making a telegraph that had begun to appear since it was discovered by Thomas Von Sommering.

Meanwhile, the names Carl Friedrich Gauss and Wilhelm Weber were the first to use the telegraph as a means of communication in 1833 in Gottingen.

It is known that another figure who made the telegraph was William Fothergill Cooke who also marketed it on the Great Western Railway, England.

At first the telegraph was a machine or a means of communicating that could only be used by wire. But in the 1800s the telegraph could be used over radio waves.

Of course, this change could not be separated from the role of Samuel and his colleague Alfred Vail, who tried to expand the code to find letters in the form of dots and dashes.

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