When a Pregnant Woman Contracts, Does the Fetus Also Move?

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When Mother starts contractions, there may be many things that Mother feels. One of them is the movement of the Little One who can’t wait to meet.

The fetus is normal to move when in the stomach. Mothers often feel small kicks from inside the stomach when pregnant. But if Mother has started having contractions, does she stop moving? Or are you still actively moving?

When a pregnant woman has contractions, there may be the question of whether her fetus is still moving in her belly. So, to answer this question, let’s discuss a little about contractions in Mother and fetal movements in the womb.



During contractions, does the fetus move?

Contractions in the mother are muscle tension in the uterus that occur regularly and aim to help the fetus be born. When contractions occur, the uterus will press the fetus in the womb. Because of this, there may be restrictions on fetal movement during contractions.

However, the fetus in the womb can still move during contractions. Fetal movements may be limited or less during contractions that are more frequent and forceful. There is also a fetus that remains active even though the mother is having contractions.

On the other hand, there are also several cases when the fetal movement actually weakens. This shows that during contractions, it is very normal for your little one to move.

Reporting from the Cleveland Clinic, before giving birth, the movements of your little one in the stomach will get tighter and more active.

Keep in mind that fetal movements during contractions do not always indicate the health condition of the fetus. Therefore, doctors will usually monitor the health of the fetus regularly during delivery to ensure that the fetus continues to grow and develop properly.

So, the answer to the question whether the fetus is still moving when the mother experiences contractions is yes. However, fetal movement may be limited during contractions that are more frequent and strong.

If you experience concerns about fetal movements during contractions or the overall health condition of the fetus, consult your doctor immediately. Then, what are the signs that Mother will give birth soon?

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