Well right! Mario Dandy’s mother is confirmed to have been dragged into the child case as a result of David’s abuse

Suara Denpasar – Mario Dandy’s behavior really caught the attention of a wide audience. After beating David, now problems are constantly coming to Mario Dandy’s family.

Previously, what Mario Dandy did made Minister Sri Mulyani intervene to resolve internal problems. Even Mario Dandy’s father was investigated by the KPK.

Mario Dandy’s father, Rafael Alun Trisambodo, was considered unnatural because he had extraordinary wealth. PPATK has also blocked 40 accounts of Rafael Alun and his family which have transactions of around IDR 500 billion.

Not only that, now Mario Dandy’s mother, Ernie Meike Tondorek, is also being dragged into the same case, as his father is currently undergoing.

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It is certain that Mario Dandy’s mother will also be involved in dealings with the KPK. This was conveyed directly by the Deputy for Prevention of the KPK, Pahala Nainggolan at the KPK Building, Jakarta last Thursday, 2/3/2023.

“Because he has a lot of names (Ernie Meike Torondek), and there are also many transactions in his account,” said Pahala Nainggolan, quoted from bestie. suara.com, Wednesday, 8/3/2023.

“There is no schedule yet, but we will check and summon. In order to comb through Rafael Alun’s assets that do not match his profile as a civil servant,” he said again.

For information, the KPK itself cannot clearly decipher the source of funds related to shares in many companies owned by Rafael Alun Trisambodo.

The KPK can only dissect the six companies with shares owned by Mario Dandy’s father.

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“Two of the six companies are located in North Minahasa with an area of ​​6.5 hectares, and the two companies that have shares in Rafael Alun Trisambodo are in the name of Ernie Meike Tondorek,” he concluded. (*/Aryo)


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