The Virgin Releases the Unfaithful Song with the Theme of Grief, Dara Becomes the Composer of the Song – Duo The Virgin has released a new song titled “Unfaithful”. The song was composed by Dara while Mita was in charge of music.

This is not the first time Dara has composed a song. Previously, the woman who now lives in Bali composed the song “Selfish” which was included on the Positive Negative album which was released in 2014.

Because of Dara’s experience, Mita also believes that her partner will produce hits for The Virgin fans. Mita then discussed with Dara what kind of music would be suitable for this slow tempo song.

“Neng Dara, what do you want the music to be like? But, I can already imagine, because the song is mellow. So I put in a piano instrument. Anyway, the music packaging has the concept of pop beauty. We also add some musical influences that are currently spreading. We don’t follow TikTok, but just combining several influences that are developing, assisted by Mas Wawan TMG,” said Mita, as in a statement received by

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Ariem Cristiawan alias Wawan TMG is an arranger at Republik Cinta Management (artist management that oversees The Virgin). Wawan is also known as the bassist in the Mahadeva group led by Ahmad Dhani.

The Virgin [Nagaswara]The Virgin [Nagaswara]

“From the start, Mas Wawan helped arrange The Virgin, because he is indeed the music director at RCM,” said Mita.

The song “Unfaithful” has the theme of mourning. However, according to Dara, this song is more universal, it can be for couples, such as the loyalty of a lover who is duplicated, or it can also be for families, such as children who have been abandoned by their parents.

“But here I feel more like an abandoned person, for example a child who has lost parental love. Yes, there is personal experience too, there is from a friend’s story,” added Dara.

The “Unfaithful” video clip can be enjoyed on YouTube since Tuesday (7/3/2023). This clip was directed by Norman from Rata Kanan, taking the shooting location in the Cisarua area, Bogor, West Java.

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“This time the concept of the video clip is different, we avoid the concept of soap operas, because the duration is also limited, so we pack it as much as possible. The storyline for soap operas is that the ending is long, so if this is made simple and to the point, “said Dara.

The Virgin hopes that the song “Unfaithful” can cure the longing of the Virginity (as The Virgin fans call it), for their works.

“Hopefully, the latest single from us, The Virgin, ‘Tak Setia’, which is a series of singles which will later be released for the new The Virgin album, can cure the longing of our Virginity fans wherever they are, and of course all of the connoisseurs of the music of The Virgin. I Love U All. Keep Moving Forward Indonesian Music,” said Mita.

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