The Story of Khadijah Rasulullah’s Wife Before Death, Had Asked for a Turban to be Made into a Shroud –

Siti Khadijah has many features. As the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, she also felt the ups and downs of the Prophet when preaching.

Siti Khadijah died before Prophet Muhammad SAW at the age of 65. During his life, he also kept many stories in the history of Islam.

In the book Values ​​of Islamic Education in the Stories of the Wives of Prophet Muhammad SAW (Siti Khadijah Dan Aisyah Ra) by Herwanti Subekti, Khadijah is known for her loyalty and willingness to sacrifice her wealth to defend Islam.



Allah SWT once tested the loyalty and sacrifice of Siti Khadijah with the boycott of Banu Hasyim and Banu Abdul Muttalib by the infidels of Makkah or the Quraysh.

The boycott lasted long enough to reach 3 years, Mother. In the end, Rasulullah SAW brought the good news that the manuscript of the Quraysh agreement hanging in the Kaaba was eaten by termites.

The manuscript left only the words ‘Bismika Allahuma’ which means ‘O Allah’. With the destruction of the paper, the extended family who had been exiled for 3 years was able to return to their homes.

After the boycott ended, Siti Khadijah breathed her last at the age of 65, when the Prophet Muhammad was 50 years old.

Meanwhile, in the book Becoming a wife like Khadija by Ibnu Watiniyah, which narrates the story in Kitab Al-Busyra by Sayyid Muhammad Alwi Al-Maliky Al-Hasani, it is said that Khadija was ill before her death.

Khadija then said to the Messenger of God, “I apologize to you, O Messenger of God, if I, as your wife, have not been devoted to you.”

The Prophet SAW replied, “Far from that, Khadijah. You have fully supported the preaching of Islam.”

Not only apologized to her husband, Siti Khadijah also called her daughter, Fatimah Az-Zahra and whispered in her ear. He asked Fatimah for help regarding his fate in the grave.

“My daughter Fatima, I’m sure my death will soon come, what I’m afraid of is the torment of the grave. Please ask your father, I’m ashamed and afraid to ask it myself, so he can give his usual turban to receive revelations to be used as my shroud,” he said.

Khadija’s worries finally reached the ears of Rasulullah SAW. Hearing this, he told his wife not to worry.

“O Khadijah, Allah SWT has sent greetings to you, and has prepared your place in heaven,” said Rasulullah SAW.

Khadija was finally able to breathe her last calmly and smiling after receiving the blessing and pleasure of her husband. He died in the lap of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.


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