The Story of Irawati Puteri: Previously Struggling to Live Many Jobs, Now Happy to Be Accepted for Masters Degree at Stanford University!

Irawati Puteri’s name suddenly went viral, after sharing the happy news of being accepted as a Masters at Stanford University.

The happy news was initially shared on the Twitter page. He said he did not expect that those who used to work as SPG PRJ could now be accepted at Stanford University.

“I got accepted to Stanford! Former SPG PRJ chicken nuggets can be accepted at Stanford!,” Irawati Puteri wrote on her Twitter page, Saturday (25/2).

Also through this viral tweet, Ira is willing to help many people who want to follow the same path with open arms.

“If anyone wants to ask questions or want to register too, please don’t hesitate to just ask me! I’ll definitely help! I will #payitforward!,” he continued.

It is known that at Stanford University, Ira was accepted as a Master’s program student in International Education Policy Analysis 2023-2024. Not only that, it turns out that he also passed the LPDP Scholarship selection to pursue his education, Beauties!

For more details about Irawati Puteri’s story that was accepted by Stanford’s master’s degree, let’s read it here!

Graduated from SMAK 1 BPK Penabur and S1 Law UI

The story of Irawati Puteri, a native Indonesian woman who passed her master's degree at Stanford UniversityThe story of Irawati Puteri, a native Indonesian woman who passed her master’s degree at Stanford University/ Photo: Doc. Princess Irawati

As Ira is known, he is a graduate of SMAK 1 BPK Penabur and a Bachelor of Law at the University of Indonesia.

Although the traces of his education are often assumed to be expensive schools and campuses and he must be wealthy, but in reality this is not the case.

Ira is not someone who was born into a wealthy family. Precisely during his high school and college education, he experienced many economic difficulties.

But fortunately, the education where Ira studied can understand the economic difficulties she is experiencing. So, he can still finish his education well.

In high school, for example, SMAK Penabur confirmed that Ira was one of the alumni and revealed that Ira was experiencing economic difficulties at that time.

“Yup, it’s true that Sis @irawatiputi is a proud alumni of SMPK 1 Penabur, who, even though she used to be financially limited, was still able to struggle and study hard so she can get to where she is today,” wrote SMAK 1 Penabur

Then when he was studying Law S1 at UI, he also received fee relief, such as Equitable Education Operational Costs (BOP-B) at UI. To Beautynesia, Ira said that apart from receiving a BOP-B during her college years, she was also assisted by the two scholarships she received.

“So when I was accepted through the UI Simak, only at the first time, Simak UI was still admitted regularly, so I was still entitled to BOP-B. So, when I got accepted by UI, the tuition fee was adjusted to my economic ability. And in the middle of the road I got a scholarship , the name is Bakti BCA and the PPA scholarship (Increasing Academic Achievement),” said Ira.

Because of the scholarship, Ira’s college years were completed well. Not only that, thanks to his tutoring fees, he was able to return to continue his younger sibling’s education which had stopped.

“So, during college I was helped by the two scholarships, plus I started to have a lot of teaching schedules, so I was able to help again my sister who dropped out of school. I was also able to go to college smoothly again. Thanks to that many times, until I was able to graduate from UI,” he continued.

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