The Story of an Indonesian Student Lectures at Harvard, Surprising Campus Officers because of the Name –

There are many Indonesian students spread all over the world to gain knowledge. One of the many students is Waitatiri.

Waitatiri is a student who received an LPDP Ministry of Finance scholarship and is registered as a student at Harvard University. Through social media Instagram, Wai often shares daily activities like students.

Not only that, Wai also often shares information, study tips, and interesting stories that he experienced. For example, when he was about to make an ID card at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).



He told that Wai also needed to make an ID at MIT because he was taking classes there. In the middle of the process of making the ID, an interesting story happened to him.

Wai said that he had confused and astonished the MIT campus officials, Mother. How could it not be, this is because Wai only has a name with one syllable without a last name.

As a result, the ID for taking classes on the campus is filled with the name Waitatiri with the ‘dot’ symbol to fill in the last name column. “Today the class went to MIT while taking an ID card, it turns out that the MIT ID card can’t request one word, so my name has a dot,” he explained, quoted from the @waitatiri account.

This experience made Wai both laugh and be happy. He said, this moment gave him many opportunities to chat a lot about Indonesian culture with the officers.

“But I’m glad I chatted a lot with the ID card staff because he was surprised I don’t have a last name, so I asked a lot about culture in Indonesia!”

Apparently, Wai never experienced a similar situation. Previously, many foreigners were confused because many Indonesians did not have last names.

“This is the umpteenth time there are people who are confused that I don’t have a last name but are always happy because they want to know about Indonesia, so they can tell a lot,” he explained.

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